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Update 2: Stream vs. Stick

Your ears want you to click HERE.

5:40 am: The only time NYC is moderately silent. Even going for a walk at this hour means you'll probably only almost get hit by one car instead of four. It's lovely. What do mornings bring you? What helps you stay inspired? Silence has always been one of my favourites. Someone dear to me recently said to be a "stick in a stream." Warning: my dork analogies are about to kick in...3-2-1 For some reason, sometimes I'm that twig that won't put down her stream GPS, and has also lubricated herself in sap to avoid getting wet. Is this a way of life for the twig? When will the twig embrace the stream that the wind blew it into? This twig carefully flows by during the evenings with caution after witnessing unexpected dog bites. The stream can be a violent place if you try to control where it takes you.

In other words, trust the process. We're so worried about direction and unexpected bites that we forget to appreciate the process. All twigs started off safe on a tree branch. The only worry was the inevitable winter and strong winds. Eventually the branches die and the twigs are left to roam the earth on their own trusting the seasons, embracing change. The end goal of a twig is to end up nicked, cracked, and scattered in places it roamed; much like sand. Why? Because that's the nature of it all.

Going with the flow may bring you back to shore.

Happy Monday everyone. Here's to a week of shining.



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