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Dear Diary: "Wanna Come Over For Breakfast?"

Tuesday, March 17th, 2020

Betta Lemme

“Wanna Come Over for Breakfast?”

Allo... Bonjour? Hi.

Hello from my bed. If you're here for the first time, welcome. I've decided that I wanted to share some of my thoughts during this weird time. Remember Adventures of Betta? Let's switch things up and call this: Adventures of Quarantine... for now. I'm going to try and write one of these daily, even if it's short. I like to find some humour or comfort during the random 💩storms that life throws at us.

As much as I've tried to ignore it, I feel in my heart and gut that this war on Covid-19 will last for a couple of months. I can't believe it. All dreams, plans and goals have been tossed aside leaving me with this big empty desk in the nonstop movie of my minds eye. What's next? When will I be able to release again? When will I be able to see my loved ones without having a panic-attack that i'm putting them at risk? Feels like Canada is playing catch-up and that the entire world is just about to

s t o p.


I just got off the phone with my Grandmother. I wish I could go over to make her lunch, or write poems. (We do that sometimes, she's my personal Mya Angelou.) But until this all goes away, we can't put her or anyone at anyone risk. Luckily there's FaceTime. As much as I'd love to win an Oscar one day, she straight up called my bluff. She heard the concern in my voice and simply said: At the end of the day, what will be, will be. You know Nonna loves you very much, Betta.” She quickly threw some humour in with “Hey, wanna come over for breakfast?” followed by the most delightful cackle, that I swear could cure any virus. I can't WAIT for this to be over.


It’s only the beginning, yet it feels like the longest weekend of everyone’s entire life. I keep losing my words but I think this time alone will help me find them again... All I hear is the obnoxious tic-tock of constant anxiety ridden thoughts ricocheting in my brain. I worry heavily about other people’s actions during this time in isolation. I’m worried about hate crimes and communities being discriminated against for this virus... I worry about the people who can’t make rent or have no support systems. The elderly. WHO'S HELPING THE ELDERLY? I feel it all and I hope we come together, rather than against each other. I think about- STOP! Stop it. Put your phone away. No, wait. Don't put your phone away. Go on Instagram live and connect with the people around the world who feel exactly like you do right now. Laugh together. Dance together. Make them smile. Give them a chance to make you smile. Use social media to spread positivity.


Tonight, I did just that. Tonight someone made me smile. On Instagram LIVE, a boy from Italy who didn't really speak English said "I love your cheese." as he pointed towards his smile. MY HEART. Where did it go? Oh there it is...IT MELTED. And because of that, he made me cheese reeeaaaal big. Grazie. We sang CHER, Edith Piaf, spoke about Dalida and I learned about an artist called POMME. T'was cute. We all felt better. Even though nightclubs are cancelled right now, I was told numerous times that I'd make a great DJ. Brb...Gonna text DIPLO at +1 (215) 660-0084. Maybe he can tutor me during this universal downtime, lol.

I don't know where you are in the world right now or what brought you here, but I hope you're safe and that this made you smile or forget about the potential apocalyptic month ahead.

We're all alone in this together.

It's bed time now. See you soon.




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